May 2, 2009

Mix 017 - CPop

Zhang Jun Ning - I Love This Feeling
Jolin Tsai - 影舞者
BY2 - 新少女祈禱
Afalean Lu - Have Fun
Quincy Chen - 谢谢你捧场
Zhang Jun Ning - 王子的心
Z-Chen Chang - Enchanted
Paisley - Don't Think Just Do
Hins Cheung - 曝光 (Dance Version)

Zhang Jun Nin, aka Peter Pan, has released another new album called 小飞侠 and is very different from his previous work. I like this album because of the upbeat tracks. You may notice that the last track is a Cantonese song by Hins Cheung. Too bad, his latest album is Cantonese....hope he'll release another Mandarin album next time. Enjoy~

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