May 4, 2009

Mix 018 - CPop Alternative

Princess Ai - White Lies
May Day - 如煙
Fusion - 我的爱呢?
A Chord Hsieh 謝和弦 - 无法定义
at17 - 我們很快樂 (國語)
Fun4 - 愛的鼓勵
A Chord Hsieh 謝和弦 - 关于
Sodagreen - 日光

Okay, I wasn't sure what to call this mix...not my usual hip hop or dance flavor and not what I think of as pop or rock. Anyway, take a listen to this playlist, my favorite is track 3 Fusion's 我的爱呢? reminds me of the band 311. I believe A Chord Hsieh was on the top 10 Mandarin albums for the last week of April. Enjoy~

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