May 4, 2009

Mix 019 - CPop Ballads

Steve Chou - 臨別一眼
Fahrenheit - 你應該被珍惜
Hannah Kim - 呼吸 愛
Steve Chou - 關不上的窗
Huang Chong Xu - 我们的故事
Elva Hsiao - Ba Xin Fang Jin Lai
Wilber Pan - Be With You (feat. Akon)
Wilber Pan - 双人舞
Jia Li Yi - 旋转门
Afalean Lu 卢学叡 - 情流感
Fahrenheit - 默默

I had to put this playlist up right away because I got hold of Wilber Pan's new singles. I love his style (so RnB and his raps are not bad either) and the fact that he is singing Akon's song, Be with You. I initially wanted his single for this song but I'm loving his other song, 双人舞, for it's catchy tune. He's an American born Taiwanese born in West Virginia. Afalean Lu is another artist (I mentioned A Chord Hsieh in the last entry) that made it to the Top 10 Mandarin albums of the last week of April. Thank you to my friends Aoi and Ai for supplying my music addiction! Enjoy~

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